The Atticus Institute

The Atticus Institute (2015)
The Ghost Man movie is another plot that is often rebuilt on a regular basis. Even if the footage has been created Back all matters It likes the stories of those who have been haunted and have a crazy nature. Harassing people like in The Exocist, but this movie is not what it said. Because instead of Judith Winstead will look like that Instead, you only have symptoms like a neurotic person who likes to sit still and watch and go. But what you do is important. Because when you are taken to be tested at a supernatural research institute Your cognition is getting more and more active. The first phase is a normal change. But then it started getting worse until the very end We know that What is in you is not a special talent. But it is the evil that lurks your body. Which leads to different stories of horrors that will occur before you in ways that you would never expect.

Dead Silence (2007)
The very first film from the talent of the godfather of this era, like James Wan, is another great horror movie that you have created.
The movie tells the story of Jamie Ascher, a young man who had to lose his wife after receiving a package that was One problem doll came. Without knowing about the sender And so he made a decision Began to find the truth that Who exactly gave him this problem doll? Including in the end he got to know the truth But if that true story was hidden in a story that was more creepy than he had expected …

Annabelle (2014)
In one true story where two young nurses named “Donna” and “Angchy” meet the spirits present in this doll. Which Donna’s mother bought as a present They both said “Annabelle” moved on as it was placed on the shelf. After a while, the doll acted like a human being. At the same time, they both felt as if Annabelle was staring at them for the duration. In the end, it bullies you until the two are forced to plead from Ed and Lauren Warren, the supernatural investigation. Come and help arrange this ghost doll. And now it is at Ed’s “Ocult” Museum and Lauren Warren.

Drag Me to Hell (2009)
Chris Slams Young Banker Personnel Who was cursed by a mysterious elderly woman by the ancient curse of the gypsy For the gods, the underworld angels come and take your soul in 3 days, but when you try to clear the curse by any means, it doesn’t matter. So you have to intercede from a gypsy man. To save your soul

Killer Toon (2013)
With the story of the murder That happened to depend on One of the personnel at a comic book company. Which is the scene of the murder Or the sequence of stories, stories that happened until it took to the depth of death, it matches the new cartoon version. Famous writer Kang Ji Yoon just sent it to you.
The movie on this issue is full of horror, reverence, and the atmosphere of persuasion that I like a lot. Including I think it would be a favorite for anyone who likes the cartoon style as well As for why you have to go and see !! And the thing that I am most satisfied with is A twist and a break That would be necessary to make many people sing “Hey” for sure !! Okay, let me just say that, just enough. The rest must go and see. Please give me advice !!